We back founders tackling the biggest global challenge of our time: helping humanity get to a more sustainable planet.

Amasia is a thesis-driven, global venture capital firm currently focused on sustainability and climate.

Using a nuanced framework designed around behavior change, we invest in founders with global ambitions, from the Seed to Series B stages, across the United States, Southeast Asia, India, Europe and Latin America. We facilitate their growth with access to global markets, global best practices, and global knowledge.

Follow us here for thoughts from our team and updates on our business and portfolio.

More information is available via the following links:

  • The Amasia website for an overview of our firm, our team, and our portfolio.

  • The Amasia blog (you are here!) for essays on the VC business, our portfolio, and our impact — and our monthly newsletter.

  • The In Our Hands podcast with theorists and practitioners in climate science and behavior change (with full transcripts if you prefer text).

  • The Futureverse podcast with authors of climate-related fiction (with full transcripts if you prefer text).

  • Ramanan’s blog for personal essays.

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VC: climate and sustainability at Amasia. Service: Penn trustee, Penn Arts and Sciences board chair, SF Goodwill board. Learning: Stanford MLA student. Climate 🎤: inourhands.earth, futureverse.earth. Blog: insights.amasia.vc, ramanan.com.